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Styling a Console Table Series – The Ladies

Styling a Console Table Series – The Ladies

I wanted to do something unique and a little quirky for this console design. My inspiration was the sculpture of the woman, who has hundreds of hand-applied iron butterflies. When I saw her in person at the Globel Views Las Vegas Showroom, I just had to have her. I also love the artwork by Amedeo Modigliani; this piece is called Jeune Femme. I had her just lying against the wall to use in another design. But then I liked how she looked with my lady and a bit quirky, which I can be, then finishing the design with the single pendant.

Don’t be afraid to try different asymmetric arrangements.  Then change them every now and then.
That’s what I like so much about interior re-design. You can use just what you have and give your home a new look, without spending a dime.  

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Here are two different arrangements to inspire you.

If doing asymmetrical groupings are not your thing, place your accessories in a triangular pattern.  This works on any tabletop.

Not sure if you want the artwork or accessories, here’s how they’d look.  I know the rule is to use three accessories in a grouping, but decorating rules can be broken if you know why.  The visual weight of the sculpture with the single pendant balance the arrangement.


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